Powerhouse Plays the Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl

I know it’s summer vacation, but our Powerhouse kids are always performing, even the new members! Last weekend Powerhouse could be found at “Opening Night at the Bowl” singing and dancing with Darren Criss, one of the stars of “Glee.”

The Los Angeles Times found Criss’s number “a charming diversion, especially when the platoon of the Powerhouse Show Choir marched onto the stage to sing backup and dance.” We agree!

Rehearsing with Darren Criss

I asked one of the newest members of Powerhouse, Junior and Tenor Noe Quintero, performing for the very first time in our National Champion show choir, what it was like: “I was extremely nervous. Performing with Powerhouse is a big deal for me and there was also the pressure of performing in front of 17,000 people.” Noe felt like he had to work hard to be as “phenomenal” as the other performers on stage with him at the Bowl, both the stars and his fellow students in Powerhouse.  

Powerhouse Leaders

JBHS VMA Director Brendan Jennings was pretty excited as well. He told me, “Seeing my students perform on the Hollywood Bowl stage was heart-stopping. It was another huge accomplishment for the program. Check it off the bucket list!”

Great thanks to the wonderful Häakon Sundry for the photos used in this story. Click HERE to watch the performance on YouTube.

No matter what time of year, the JBHS VMA is out and about showing off their amazing talents. Come back for more news about Decibelles, Sound Waves, Sound Sensations and Powerhouse all year long!